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Welcome to Ap2p Academy, where we empower executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs 
to achieve remarkable results through our innovative 3 Pillar Approach.

Our mission is to guide you towards success in three fundamental areas:

1. **Productivity:** We understand the demands of your busy life. Our approach focuses on helping 
you balance your time effectively, allowing you to excel both professionally and personally. 
By creating a harmonious work-life balance, you'll unlock new levels of productivity and fulfillment.

2. **Self-Worth:** As a leader, your value is paramount. Through our tailored strategies, you'll develop 
the confidence and presence needed to lead with authority and influence.

3. **Conquering Fear:** Fear and procrastination can hinder even the most driven individuals. 
Our proven techniques will empower you to confront and overcome your fears, freeing you 
from the constraints that hold you back. Say goodbye to procrastination and 
hello to bold, decisive action.

Moreover, we believe in three key elements essential for success in today's competitive landscape:

- **Integrity:** We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our interactions. 
Trust and honesty form the bedrock of our relationships with our clients.

- **Loyalty:** Your success is our priority. We are steadfast in our commitment to 
supporting you on your journey, standing by your side every step of the way.

- **Trust:** Trust is earned through reliability and consistency. Rest assured, you can rely 
on us to deliver results and exceed your expectations.

At Ap2p Academy, we are dedicated to your growth and success. Join us on this 
transformative journey and unlock your full potential. 
Together, we'll pave the way for a brighter future filled with achievement and fulfillment.

Meet Teresita, a seasoned professional who has made an indelible mark in the corporate world, coaching and leading executives at renowned companies such as AVEDA, L'ANZA, TOYOTA, GM, RCA, and within the Manufacturing & Distribution sectors. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in driving success and innovation across various industries.

Teresita's achievements have not gone unnoticed. She has been featured in esteemed media outlets including CNBC News, Fox News Philadelphia, and Princeton's Town Topics. Her insights and leadership have garnered recognition and admiration from peers and industry leaders alike.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Teresita is deeply committed to making a difference in her community. She serves on the board of Dress for Success, empowering women to achieve economic independence through career development and support. Additionally, she held the esteemed position of Secretary for the Princeton Merchants Association and currently serves as Secretary for the Rotary Club of Wesley Chapel, exemplifying her dedication to service and community engagement.

With an impressive track record and a passion for empowering others, Teresita continues to inspire and uplift individuals and organizations, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence wherever she goes.


It has been a profound honor to embark on a journey of coaching and mentoring business leaders over the past 28 years, equipping them with the tools to scale and grow their businesses while maintaining balance and avoiding overwhelm.

My upbringing in a nurturing household, though not without its challenges, instilled in me a deep-seated value for helping others. My parents and grandparents were beacons of support, always extending a helping hand to those in need. Their love for service undoubtedly influenced my own passion for mentoring and coaching others towards becoming the best versions of themselves.

At the tender age of 18, I married my high school sweetheart, and by 21, we welcomed our first son, followed by our second at 25. Despite my youth, I approached life with unwavering determination, eager to learn from every experience and individual that crossed my path. My mentors and coaches, both exemplary and cautionary, played pivotal roles in shaping my journey, imparting invaluable lessons that continue to guide me today.

The inception of APath2Purpose arose amidst the tumult of the Covid era, a time when coaching became more essential than ever. Amidst the challenges, there were also blessings, yet none more profound than the sorrow of losing my mother. Her passing left an indelible mark, but her legacy of strength and positivity serves as a perpetual wellspring of inspiration.

As I honor my mother's memory, I am driven by the desire to leave a positive footprint of my own, empowering individuals to steer their lives, businesses, and careers toward their desired destinations. With boundless optimism and unwavering dedication, I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, embracing the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Here's to embarking on this wonderful journey together.

Warm regards,  
Teresita Villamil

APath2Purpose Academy/Stress Free Business Systems
Odessa FL, 33556
‪(813) 603-7160‬

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